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Thread: Hamiltonian and forces! Help!

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    Hi I have a problem which I have to solve.

    I have a wire which is suspended in two points like the figure below:

    The figure denotes the value of the costate vector in origin.

    I have plottet the variation of the hamiltonian as a function of s, where s is the distance along the wire. The wire has the length 7. What can I expect to see?

    The hamiltonian (as I have understood) is the energy of the system right?

    I have the following plot for the hamiltonian:

    Can anybody help me understand what I see? Does it look like I'm on the right track?

    The second question is that I have to determine the necessary forces in the vertical direction needed for supporting the wire in the two suspension points. work = force * displacement.. hmmm.. help...

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