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Thread: Heat and coldness

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    I am wondering: if there is a complete abscence of heat, in other word -273.15 celcius, is there no energy whatsoever in the place with the absolute zero temperature?

    In other words, is

    no source of heat = -273.15C = Absolute zero = no energy


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    No heat means just that: no heat. In other (and unnecessarily complicated) words, no thermal energy.

    There can be lots of other forms of energy present, e.g. one can imagine a charged condenser, a weight at a high altitude, a speeding mass, a bar of high-calorie chocolate, a live explosive charge, a compressed spring - all at a temperature of absolute zero.

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    Science can remove most of the heat from an area and they get ever closer to absolute zero but never quite there. Even in the deepest space, there is nowhere that energy has not reached.

    However inside a black hole, if everything is reduced to fundamental particles (electrons, quarks, etc) there would be no movement amongst them (though they as a sphere would rotate, as we see with the event horizon) so they could be at about absolute zero as in no movement, even at the smallest level.
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    The Heisenberg uncertainty principle holds that even at a theoretic absolute zero temperature, subatomic particles would still possess a residual kinetic energy.

    I don't know about black holes (mentioned above) but absolute zero is not achievable except in a 'closed system'...we can't separate a system from the Universe.
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