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Thread: 2 black holes come together... and something came out?

  1. #1 2 black holes come together... and something came out? 
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    I was thinking about two black holes coming together, i have seen a lot of videos etc and just got the imagination going.

    If i apply the inverse square law to the black holes for gravity, and superposition, then when two black holes of whatever masses ( the numbers will change but not the point of the question ) come together there is a region between the two which has a net 0 gravity field.

    This region migrates to within where the event horizons used to be and as the two black holes continue to penetrate one another, this region can swash around this volume and maybe even out toward the edge of the event horizon depending on the trajectory....would this mean that some matter which was previously held behind the event horizon may be able to catch a ride on this island of calm, all the way out of the event horizon?

    I'm sorry that I don't know if you can apply these introductory physics principles to such extreme circomstances... but can you?

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    I'm pretty sure the zero gravity portion of that area is a single point. But the whole region would have a lower apparent gravity overall. Of course, I don't see any reason why there would be any matter in that region for the smaller field to act upon.

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    You'd probably get those random particle's popping in and out of existence, just like they get between magnetic plates in a vacuum.
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