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Thread: frame of reference.

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    for a person traveling at the speed of light, what would we call the observers frame of reference reletive to an outside observer?

    and visa versa just for the sake of it.

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    A person cannot travel at the speed of light. Some particles do travel at the speed of light but they have no mass and can never travel at anything but the speed of light. Objects which have mass cannot travel at the speed of light, ever.

    Ok, but for the sake of arguement we can ask what it would be like for an observer if he did travel at the speed of light, but we should never call it a frame of reference. It is difficult two imagine and there are two possible descriptions which I can think of, but in either case he would only exist for an instant. In the first description, He exists for an instant in a two dimensional world, two dimensions of space and no time, with a large number of event occuring all at once in no time at all. Since I have hard time imagining this last, I would also consider a second possible description. In this description he exists for an instant in a three dimensional world, two of space and one of time, although this time dimension is more like space, in which he can see whole histories of events played out and yet simultaneous and frozen in the one instant in which he exists.

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