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Thread: paradox with sea wave

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    Why the sea wave always move to the coast but move back (to the open sea) to watch never?
    I ask pardon for the grammatical mistakes.

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    I think you ask why the waves move from sea to land but not from land to sea?

    Well, actually waves can move from land to sea, if the wind blows very strong; but it is infrequent in open sea, and usually only happens in lakes. This is because a wave can be originated in the sea easily, as there is no drag from the bottom, but close to the shore the drag with teh bottom makes the wavesvery little; it is the continued blow of wind over long distances what gives energy to the waves so they can travel across the sea, and so usually the waves reeaching the shore will be strong enough to not be slowed by the wind even if it blows from land to sea. Waves starting on the shore and moving into the water are easier to be seen in lake, as over a lake it is easier thta the wind blows in a same direction and so in a shore of the alke the waves will be coming form the water to the shore and in the opposite shore they will be moving from the shore to the water.

    Just be warned, water doesn't really "travels"; it is the wave what moves, like when a crowd "makes the wave" raising the arms... Water in the surface raises on the "back" of the wave, moves forward on the peak, moves down on the "front" of the wave, and then gently rolls back a bit under water as the wave goes away.

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