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    Has anyone tried out this space flight sim?
    It's free.

    The learning curve is mighty steep. I love the physics. Totally different from atmospheric flight. I like to dick around Jupiter using the Discovery-1 from 2001.

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    I'll give it a go, cheers.

    I've never been on a (realistic) orbit simulator before.

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    Yes, I've used it. In fact I used it to create this simulated Moon lander mission:

    The first part is from LEO to Moon:

    YouTube - Lunar lander sim 1

    And the second follows through to the landing:

    YouTube - X-prize lunar landing

    I tried to be as realistic as I could. The transfer booster uses all of its fuel at burn out, as does the retro pack on the lander. The lander itself lands with with just a small reserve left. The whole transfer booster/lander assembly was designed to be lifted to LEO by a Eurockot, and the engines themselves are based on "off the shelf" engines from Thiokol.
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