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    Schrodinger's Cat Theory is in essence that a cat in a closed box is neither alive nor dead till you look,

    this is a simplistic version of explaining the Wave-Particle Duality on Young's Slits
    electron-> . | <- card with 2 slits in it

    now the electron can go through either slit, and you can say that it is going through both and neither slits at once, this is the Wave function, As soon as you look and see the election at the top slit however the Wave Function Collapses and the election can only be going through the top slit

    Now supposing the person that see's and therefore causes the Wave Function to collapse dies. Would the Wave Function re-assert itself and the electron would once again be going through both and neither slits?

    And is it possible for the electron to go through the top AND bottom slits even with the Wave Function collapsed?

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    meld the threads, there is already a thread on schrodinger's cat

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