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    a radioactive isotope of iodine is used in both the diagnosis and treatment of a condition of the thyroid gland.

    this gland naturally takes up ordinary iodine as part of its function.

    if a patient has an overactive thyroid it concentrates too much iodine in the gland and this has serious effects on the patient's heatlh.

    how might the radioisotope iodine-131 be used to:

    a) identify an overactive thyroid gland
    b) treat the overactive thyroid

    i have absolutely no idea for either question..

    iodine-131 emits beta! beta particles cannot penetrate very thick materials! how would they detect the rays from outside of a body? i thought only gamma ray emitting particles can be used as tracers?!

    and how would you use this radioactive particle to treat the thyroid?

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    Possibly a decay series?

    Alternatively, radioisotopes often release energy after decay in the form of gamma particles, which in this case could be detected.

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