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    can anyone list the calculations for working out the redshift?

    Distance = 200 Mpc

    Hubble constant = H0 = 73 km s1 Mpc-1?

    Speed of light c = 3.0 105 km s1

    Do I need to convert something first?

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    You need the cosmological model as well. You can play around with the constants on this or that website. Assuming

    you need a redshift value of

    to be consistent with 200 Mpc. Note that this assumption is based on a flat universe with . Other geometries are also possible changing the distance vs. redshift relation considerably.

    A simple calculation can be done with the following assumptions:

    With being the distance. Then you get:

    You see that these simple assumptions give you the right magnitude of the redshift value, but not the correct value.

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