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    In short, beta-flare is purple glow caused by radiation above a nuclear power plant. It can't be seen with naked eye because of bright industrial lights those facilities have (after there was several eye witnesses in the 70's so this freaky sight had to be covered up) but even modest digital camera is able to bring it forth in right conditions. Here are some pictures:

    Beta-flare derives from extensive radiation emissions causing ionization. When atoms neutralise, they radiate UV which excites the oxygen and nitrogen atoms and molecules to send their respective wavelength of visible light. O2 red, N2 blue. Works like northern lights or fluorescent bulb.

    One method for radiation to escape the power plant is free neutrons. They decay in 15 min unless captured by the nucleus of an atom (forming unstable isotopes and further radioactivity). As reactor produces 2-3 neutrons per fission 1-2
    of them have to get out! And out from the whole building so they won't decay inside, ionize air there and destroy workers lungs.

    The way for thermal neutrons to get out is the ventilation pipe (edit: with the fierce air flow). And there we can track down the betaflare also.

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