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Thread: Explosion scenario with black powder

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    Lets assume that a spherical ball of black powder exists that is 8 inches in diameter. This sphere of powder is inside a giant sphere of steel. The sphere of steel is massive. It has a four foot diameter.

    So the giant sphere of steel has a chamber inside(in its center) that is just large enough (which would be 8 inches) for the powder to fit in.

    What happens if the powder is lit?

    If the powder is set off, would it just remain a ball of hot, ummm plasma/fire, and dissipate its energy as heat into the steel sphere.

    Do you think the explosion inside would creat such a high pressure that the 8 inch diameter chamber would expand its outer walls and become, say a 9 inch diameter chamber.

    How would I determine the initial psi that the powder would induce on its surroundings inside its 8 inch sphere?

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