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Thread: Dark Matter & The 4th Spatial Dimension

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    Hello again,
    In the past 2 years I had, at first, this crazy theory concerning Dark matter, you may have read it, but I doubt that you understood it. My explenation is very important, explaining why we cannot see and detect Dark matter and what it actually is. The reason Im posting about this theory again is because I don't know how to publicise my study.

    heres a compressed version of my theory:
    A quick introduction to multiple dimensions: wiki I couldn't explain it better.
    and a quick fact about gravity: it effects matter on all dimensions including time and extra dimensions (time or spatial).
    Now that you have a vage understanding of the 4th dimension, imagine a 4th spatial dimension, while matter only moves in the first 3 spatial dimensions. If our sun would occupy the coordinates x=250 y= 230 z=250 and a=42 (while a would be our 4th spatial dimension) and there would be a second sun at the coordinates x=50 y= 530 z=750 and a=42, we would be able (from the perspective of the 1st sun) to see the 2nd sun at the upper left. The gravitational pull causes the two suns to start orbiting one another. now move the 2nd sun on the a-axis only 1 up now being a=43. Eventhough the sun is only a tick away from its original position, fthe 1st sun will be unable to locate it.
    But what happenes to te gravitational pull? Does it vanishh? No, te gravitaional pull stays causing the 1st sun to orbit around, seemingly, nothingness.
    This 2nd sun would be matter on a theoretical 4th spatial dimension, which DOES NOT MEAN that there is actually a 4th spatial dimension. What I have written is just what it would be like.
    Okay, now that you know what matter would be like on a 4th spatial dimension, we can combine that with our knowledge of dark matter:
    In astronomy and cosmology, dark matter is hypothetical matter that does not interact with the electromagnetic force, but whose presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter. -wikipedia
    Doesn't that sound familiar? Gravity simphtoms there, electromagnetic force gone?

    Doesn't that support my theory further? If you do not understand, our visible matter compared to Dark Matter is just a fraction. Which is very normal since tere are other positions on the a-axis (e.g. a=44, 45, 46, 47, 41, 40, etc.)

    and the most supportive contribution to my thoery was made by DAMA/Nal claiming to have directly detected Dark Matter passing though Earth.

    I wanted to release this thoery before the Haldron collider, because I think It may never find Dark Matter (and if it does, my thoery is off the table)

    As to say what dark Matter really is: normal matter with a different position on the 4th spatial dimension.

    Thats it, as I said I need help publicising this, independetly if you agree with me or not.

    Thank you for reading

    I haven't come to fight my word, but to find the truth.
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