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    First let me say that this theory is still in the infant stages, no, the fetal stages of its life. I solely hope that only good may come from this so-called theory of mine. Find the flaws, and if you can, correct them.

    Let me start off to say that the basis of my theory is that black holes are the death and birth of the universe. As exciting as they are, the black hole isn't what intrigues me, its the singularity. Now say that none of the black holes existing right now have a "whole" singularity. One of which contains all matter, energy, and information of our universe. Once our universe got old enough, would it not contain solely of black holes, dark matter and dark energy. Then of which evolving into an almost-infinitely big black hole, whose singularity will eventually contain all energy and information by which the conservation of energy and the conservation of information would tell us. Now, why does not the singularity in the black hole in our galaxy, create a whole new universe like the one which created the big bang. Maybe its only a partial, lacking the info and energy to become more. Now most of the world believes in the big bang theory and that energy can not be created or destroyed. All of which had to of come from somewhere. Once this singularity, was present, which to a fictional outside observer would have never seen existed in its, which worlds cannot not describe how small, of a life span, it will bang again once more creating a universe with all the information of the complexity of the one we live in today.

    This is just the out-of-the-box thinking beginning of something I wish to fully corroborate one day. I, thank you, for your time.

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    Whether or not it'd ever be possible for all the millions of super massive black holes from the centers of all the millions of galaxies to combine into one mega black hole would depend on which version of the end of the universe you subscribe to. The current best bet is, I think, the Big Rip scenario, which would destroy the black holes last, but would still destroy them.

    The other two scenarios that I know of are the Big Crunch, which seems unlikely at the moment, but would basically cause something similar to what you're thinking of, and the Big Chill (or is it Big Freeze) which ends with all the black holes sitting apart in space, slowly evaporating.

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