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Thread: Question reguarding photons, visible light, other ERs

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    Are photons the just the basic "particle" of "light" (as in the visible kind), or is it the basic "particle" of the entire electromagnetic spectrum?

    I would say yes, because whatever particle makes them up, the particle causes many similar properties. For example, a remote control verses a flashlight.

    A flashlight emits sort of a cone of visible light radiation, the sharp part of the cone is at the source of the light radiation. The further the flashlight is from the the object your shining it on, the bigger the circle of light you see on that object, but it is also proportionally less intense.
    Now we go to a remote control, we cannot see the radiation it is emitting but I hypothesize that it has similar behavior as the flashlight. The remote uses infared radiation rather than light radiation. If you touch the emitter on the remote to the T.V. screen, the infared radiation will not reach the receiver because of the same cone system that worked for the flashlight, the radiation has not spread out enough for the receiver on the T.V. to sense it. So now you move the remote back and the circumferance at the end of the cone of infared radiation emitted is now bigger and can reach the receiver on the T.V. Move too far back and the intensity of the radiation is not strong enough for the receivers to sense, which also works with the flashlight, move the flashlight enough back and you will not be able to see the light reflected off of the object you are aiming at.
    The two seem to work exactly the same, the only difference is I can see the frequency of the flashlight radiation and I can't see the infared.

    If photons are only the particle for the visible lights, then what is the particle for the other electromagnetic radiations and how do these particles differ? (by particle I do not mean mass)

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    Photons are the means of interaction for the electro-magnetic force. As such, therefore, they cover any and every part of the electro-magnetic spectrum, which could be said to be dependent on them, and/or vice versa!

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