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Thread: RESONANCE Frequency of Elements, Compounds, and others

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    I did some googleing and found some tough formulas to get this. And the formulas get to the computation of the geometry of the subject.

    Can anybody share some ideas on this topic? How do I get the resonance frequency of objects? From the most basic to the most complex.

    Thanks. :P

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    A resonance frequency is achieved when every wave traveling through an object reinforces itself, without any significant losses due to out of phase rarefactions occurring.

    To figure out the resonance without doing a physical experiment through the use of a wave generating source and amplitude detection device, you will need to look at the exact speed of sound in a given object, and how to make it (through adjusting the frequency) so that a new wave is created at the exact moment that the preceding wave impacts the vibrational source. For a cube of a given material, this is not terribly difficult, though when dealing with more complicated shapes and structures, your best choice would be to either go to the object or built a scale model and perform the experiment to determine its resonance. There is an episode of MythBusters that went over this topic...also look up some of Tesla's work on this.

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