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Thread: Couple of brain teasers using the double slit experiment...

  1. #1 Couple of brain teasers using the double slit experiment... 
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    Ok I just had a few thoughts/questions about the infamous double slit experiment...
    Before I present my questions I think I should first make sure that I have the same understanding everyone else does on the experiment.

    Well from what I read a few years back, the double slit experiment shows the pattern of a particle spray only when the numbers of what slit the particle goes through are counted. If the particles are not counted then the pattern is a wave pattern.

    Even if the machine is counting the particles but you throw away the information and don't look at it, it displays the wave pattern. Its only when you keep the information and observe it, does the pattern display the particle pattern...

    Let me be sure I am correct in this first...

    Thanks 8)

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    Well I see no one has said anything about my initial thoughts on the double slit experiment.

    Well my brain teasers are as follows

    Question 1
    If you did the double slit experiment 999 times and labeled each 1-999 then said to yourself
    "I am going to keep these results, of the particle counters and only look at the wave form images, but later after the lottery I am only going to look at the particle counter data for the numbers that fell in the lottery"

    Would looking at the wave forms in advance allow you to get the lottery numbers in advance?
    It just seems to me that this "property of nature" (If that is in fact the way it works) would allow someone to gain information from the future like an informational time machine or something, if used in that way....

    I'm gonna have to invest in a particle shooter, a lead block and some photo screens....
    5 two digit numbers in the mega millions Michigan lottery, that means if I run the DSE 594 times I should have the lottery numbers. If my idea works out I should be able to pay for all the supplies after one experiment!!!

    Question 2
    Ok lets say you did the slit experiment, would you get the particle pattern if you put
    any of these in front of your data and then destroyed it immediately afterward;
    A baby?
    How about a cat?
    How about a plant?
    how about a 4 year old?
    How about a blind man?
    how about a retarded man that can not count and for some reason has no way to transfer the information to anyone else?

    Just wondering what you guys thought...

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