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    This is in accordance with the big rip theory for the end of the universe.

    The big rip is a theory that says that dark energy will cause all matter in the universe to disperse.

    I have no proof other then intuition for this theory.

    After all of the non dense matter has dispersed there will only be black holes. After the smaller black holes, the ones that were created by a star in some form, have dispersed there will only be super massive black holes from the center of each galaxy left. I believe that these are so dense that there is no space between the matter that composes them. Because of this dark energy cannot push it apart.
    I believe that the smaller black holes that were created by suns are not dense enough to have no space in them. I say this because they do give off matter in very small amounts and according to the big rip theory black holes will eventually disperse.

    Now all that is left in the universe are super massive black holes and the dark energy pulling on them from all sides. At some point I believe that the dark energy will cause a new sort of big bang on all of the leftover black holes creating new ‘universes.’ They will all be apart of the same universe but they will be so far apart that they will not effect each other in any way. The new ‘universes’ will be composed of energy and new matter reforming into something, probably smaller then matter as we know it. If this is true than the universe can be never ending because matter can always be cut smaller.

    Please tell me what you think about this.

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