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Thread: Discovery (7) / Principle of Information and Event

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    Discovery (7) / Principle of Information and Event

    Physical linchpin :
    Information is a sort of space time structure which is of non-substantiated and non-materialized , which is constantly created during G bubble physical process of the universe ; Event is an physical effect from information interacting with vacuum , which is substantiated and materialized form of information .

    Recommendation :
    Given succession of this series discoveries , briefly reviewing discoveries prior to this one is strongly recommended .
    See those discoveries presented in Physics section of this forum at :
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    An event usually means a thing happening or happened or to be happened at an certain time.
    A man is walking . This is an event happening .
    A meteor fallen at 10:00 yesterday night . This is an event happened .
    A baby will born at AM 8:00 tomorrow morning . This is an event to be happened .
    These descriptions are commonly used in daily life for all kinds of events and basically are accurate enough to convey messages . But in scientific sense , such descriptions are extremely rough and inaccurate . For instance , for the event of “a man is walking” , we run into an ambiguity , If we assume that the man’s walking pace is one step exactly in one second , while according to what previously said , we know one second contains 0.7416198487095662…e+43 numbers of universal moment , then a question emerges : which universal moment it is when the man is walking ? It become unclear . Since the universe has finely divided this step into 0.7416198487095662…e+43 numbers of still picture , while these pictures are not same one exactly . From conclusions of information equation of the universe , we know that for every event happened at certain universal moment , there exists exclusively an unique STC to matching this corresponding event to display , record and reserve this stationed picture . So , an event we observed is composed of various grade and class of basic information and composite information , at same time , we also know that information unit has been constantly upgrading , that is , its class and grade is constantly increasing either at same time or separately .Further more , inferior information unit is included in superior one , that is , information unit is compatible downward .
    Supported by definition of information and information unit , information equation of the universe and taking discrepancies between information and event into account , now we dare to define event .

    Definition of Event
    Defined universal event as an physical effect of vacuum interacting with information .
    Va |M(G)| [∏p s(k,k-1)^-2 ]
    =STV{s^2 |M(G)| [∏p s(k,k-1)^-2 ]} kg .
    her p is coefficient .

    How do we construe this mathematical expression physically ?
    Very simple . That information ∏p s(k,k-1)^-2 of the universe interacts with a portion of vacuum Va |M(G)| generates event of Va |M(G)| [∏p s(k,k-1)^-2 at an universal moment ; This event lasts only 1.3512124957728855…e-43 second , and then condensed into mass along with all other events happened in the universe within same universal moment .
    This is so called Principle of Information and Event .

    Specific interpretations as below ;
    1 , Every item (basic information) in Information Equation of the Universe represents a specific individual event happened , happening and to be happening in the universe while its interacting with vacuum , and then condense into certain amounts of mass ;
    2 , Combination of several items (composite information) in Information Equation of the Universe represents another event happened , happening and to be happening in the universe while its interacting with vacuum , and then condenses into a certain amounts of mass ;
    3 , At the jth universal moment , the information unit s(j,j-1)^-2 represents all updated information of the universe , and emerges all events happened , happening and to be happening in the universe while its interacting with vacuum , and then these events condense into mass with standard amounts of |M(Gi-1)| kg ;
    4 , From the beginning of the universe till present universal moment , all information created by the universe emerged all events happened , which have condensed into total mass of the universe with amounts of 4.2315167338906745…e+53 kilogram (including dark matter) .

    People often ask themselves where has thing happened gone ? Now they can get the answer scientifically : those things had curved into mass , they hide inside mass of the universe .

    Additionally , Any information can be expressed by its binary code . That is , Every information had been encoded in binary series of 0.55e+86 bits .
    Example 1
    Information [s (5,4)^-2 s (4,3)^-2 s (3,2)^-2 s (2,1)^-2 s (1,0)^-2 s (0,-1)^-2 ] has its binary code of
    (aggregated 0.55e+86 bits ).
    Example 2
    Information [s (n,n-1)^-2 s (4,3)^-2 s (3,2)^-2 s (2,1)^-2 s (1,0)^-2 ] has its binary code of
    (aggregated 0.55e+86 bits )
    where (7.7577806787995700…e+60)th bit is occupied by information unit s(n,n-1)^-2 ..

    Total numbers of basic events of the universe can be calculated by an formula as :
    ∑2^j = 2^(i+1) -1 .
    here superscript of ∑ is i-1 , subscript is 0 ,
    At present universal moment , i = n =7.7577806787995700…e+60 , so total numbers of basic events happened in the universe are :
    ∑2^j = 2^[ (7.7577806787995700...e+60+1) +1 ] - 1 .

    As demonstrated , definitions for both information and event are fully compatible with all results concluded from previous discoveries , so they are verifiable , therefore reliable .
    Vacuum , Information and information unit are the most fundamental physical concepts , since they yields all others and everything in the universe ..
    Refer to :
    Information Unit and Universal Event
    Constitution of the Universe / Information Equation of the Universe (2)

    To be continued
    Discovery (8) / Mirror Equation of the Universe

    Thanks for your reading .

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