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Thread: how efficent are solar pannels?

  1. #1 how efficent are solar pannels? 
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    How efficent are they, im sure i've read somwhere that if we could build a good enough one we could get all the power we would ever need in one day. Is it possible and if it is would it ever get built?

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    Around 15% for consumer models and up to 22% for professional use (satellites).

    Yes, I believe MIT recently made a high power solar panel that virtually increases the efficiency by using dyed high internal refraction glass panels to concentrate a dense beam onto a very small area of solar panel, therefore allowing one small piece to take in up to hundreds of times more light for only a 50% increase in price.

    They are also working on solar panels that can take in around 99% of the visual spectrum and infrared+ultraviolet. They are attempting to do this by aligning a special type of nano crystal. The only issue now is the alignment, which they are still working on. If even one particle is out of alignment, it will not work.

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    I am in big favor of using solar panels at home for some amount of energy sources. I have heard about high power solar panels which generate electricity for public consumption and don’t you think that using solar panel is the best way to reduce pollution and decrease global warming effects caused by waste gases.. solar panels need high maintains only than you can get maximum output from it.
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