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Thread: Discovery (3) / Information Modulus of the Universe

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    Discovery (3) / Information Modulus of the Universe

    Physical linchpin : For any physical process , along with information being created constantly , heat is also produced .

    Notice : Given succession of this series discoveries , you are recommended to read previous ones at section of Physics in the forum at first , before you read this discovery.

    From G bubble physical process (refer to Discovery (2) / G Bubble Physical Process at : ) , the universe can mathematically and physically expressed as summary of G bubbles created .

    The univese = ∑G(j) = ∑Va(j) s(j,j-1)^-2 ------ Equation (1)
    Superscript of the summary mark is i-1 , subscript is 0 . i = 0,1,2,3,... ,n,... , 0.55e+86 .
    n is total numbers of G bubbles burst at present universal moment .
    0.55e+86 is total numbers of G bubbles burst at the last universal moment of the universe .
    Va(j) is modulus of the universe at jth universal moment .Its value is constantly equal to its initial ones , which is equal to
    |M(G)| Va =(0.5454545454545454...e-7)(1.0083333333333333...e+93)=0.55e+86
    here , |M(G)| is modulus of mass gauge , Va represent vacuum .
    s(j,j-1)^-2 is information unit created at jth universal moment.

    Now we seek to value of n from equation (1)
    Introducing Temperature gauge into equation (1) , and noticing that values of G bubble of G(j) and all G gauges are constantly equal to 1 , then we have :
    ∑G(j) = Va [∑|M(G)|s(j,j-1)^-2 ][T(G) ] . ------ Equation (2)
    Here T(G) is temperature gauge , which is equal to :
    T(G) = |T(G)| K =0.3556171686496934...e+33 K ,
    therefore ,
    ∑G(j) = Va [∑|M(G)| s(j,j-1)^-2 ][T(G) ]
    = Va (n) (0.5454545454545454...e-7)(1.8181818181818181...e-86)( 0.3556171686496934...e+33K)
    = Va T(n) . ------ Equation (3)
    here T(n) = (n)(0.5454545454545454...e-7)(1.8181818181818181...e-86) 0.3556171686496934...e+33 K ,
    that is , T(n) = (n) (0.3526781837848199...e-60 K . ------ Equation (4)
    So , the universe can also expressed as :
    The universe =∑G(j) = Va T(n) .= Va (n) (0.3526781837848199...e-60 K. ------ Equation (5)

    Equation (5) is the format of the universe from perspectives of vacuum and temperature . it means that existence of the universe as a whole indicates an existing temperature T(n) in vacuum . While
    by observed data from CMBR , in vacuum , a temperature of 2.736 K has measured accurately
    (refer to

    Taking this temperature as standard value , that is , T(n) = 2.736 K , by equation (4) we then can obtain :
    2.736 K = (n) (0.3526781837848199...e-60 K)
    Ultimately , we get value of n as :
    n = 2.736 K / 0.3526781837848199...e-60 K =7.7577806787995700...e+60 .
    That is , n =7.7577806787995700...e+60

    What the hell this number is ?
    It is total numbers of G bubbles created from the beginning of the universe so far ;
    Its is total numbers of information units created by the universe up to now ;
    It is general space time value of the universe at present universal moment .

    Calling this number of n as information modulus of the universe at nth universal moment .

    From equation (5) , we get another result mathematically and physically:
    The universe =∑G(j) = n =7.7577806787995700…e+60 . ------Equation (6)

    What does it mean ? Does the universe equate a number ?
    Does it make any sense mathematically and physically ?
    Yes . By this number , we can directly get some of primary values of physical properties of the universe at present universal moment by an formula as :
    Values of physical property of the universe
    = Information modulus of the Universe multiply G Gauges
    = (7.7577806787995700...e+60 ) × G gauges

    Example :

    Total mass of the universe
    =(7.7577806787995700...e+60)(Mass gauge)
    =(7.7577806787995700...e+60)(0.5456213067563055... e-7 kg)
    =4.2315167338906745...e+53 kilogram (including dark matter)

    Radius of the universe
    =(7.7577806787995700...e+60)(Length gauge)
    =(7.7577806787995700...e+60)(0.4050833153880067... e-34 m)
    =3.1381767999999997...e+26 meter

    Age of the universe
    =(7.7577806787995700...e+60)(Time gauge)
    =(7.7577806787995700...e+60)(1.3512124957728855... e-43 s)
    =10.4605893333333333...e+17second=3.31703111787586 67...e+10 years.

    Total energies of the unvierse
    =(7.7577806787995700...e+60)(Energy gauge)
    =(7.7577806787995700...e+60)(0.4909090909090909... e+10 J )
    =3.8083650605016071e+70 Joule .

    Total momentum of the universe
    =(7.7577806787995700...e+60)(Momentum gauge)
    =(7.7577806787995700...e+60)(16.3636363636363636.. .kgms^-1 )
    =1.2694550201672023e+62 kgms^-1

    Total angular momentum of the universe
    =(7.7577806787995700...e+60)(Angular momentum gauge)
    =(7.7577806787995700...e+60)(6.6194168314572860... e-34 kgm^2s^-1 )
    =3.9837742929322468...e+88 kgm^2s^-1 .............
    Remark :
    Mass gauge =0.5454545454545454...e-7 kg = 1 (theoretical ones) , its observed ones is 0.5456213067563055...e-7 kg = 1 .
    Length gauge =0.4050833153880067....e-34 m = 1 (observed ones)
    Time gauge =1.3512124957728855...e-43 s = 1 (observed ones)
    Energy gauge =0.4909090909090909...e+10 J = 1 (theoretical ones)
    Momentum gauge =16.3636363636363636...kgms^-1 = 1 (theoretical ones)
    Angular momentum gauge =6.6194168314572860...e-34 kgm^2s^-1 =1 (theoretical ones)
    Every physical unit has its G gauge whose value is constantly equal to 1 .

    Another example :
    Since information modulus of the universe is kept increasing one by one , temperatrue of background radiation of the universe is also increasing accordidngly . So the universe will getting warmer and warmer as its evolution precess is proceeding.

    Refer to :
    Axiom of Physics --- G Gauge
    Appendix G gauge of common physical unit and its space time property

    In fact , values of all physical properties of the universe can be calculated out by an general physical property equation of the universe in which this number of information modulus of the universe plays a significant role .

    To be continued
    Discovery (4) / General Physical Property Equation of the Universe

    Thanks for your reading.

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