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    blurb from MidnightWiki:
    Most of today's wikis strictly limit what they will publish. Their content adheres to clear guiding principles and is generally focused on one topic. Wikipedia (, for example, publishes only objective, encyclopedic articles and rejects original, instructive, biased, or otherwise indiscriminate content. These wikis provide excellent content within their bounds, but what about the stuff that doesn't fit?

    Enter the completely open MidnightWiki. Users are welcomed to publish anything beneficial to humanity. Original thought is encouraged. Bias is acceptable. Poetry, art, random ideas, math, science, philosophy, anything.
    This is a new site that I created, meant to be an open information repository of neat ideas and such. You guys are my prime audience becuase you are the intelligent online thinkers. If you would like, you can post any ideas you have about science or anything on MidnightWiki. The site can only be successful if you contribute.

    Also, would you guys care if I periodically added ideas that you post here to MidnightWiki (giving you credit of course)? I know it depends on the person, but I'm thinking that since this is an online forum it might be OK if I do it. Just looking for your opinons.


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    Myran evans's unified field theory

    "The real longitudinal magnetic field B(3) of the photon was discovered in 1992 by Professor Myron Wyn Evans. A landmark historical event with far reaching insights in our understanding of the physical nature of the enigmatic photon. The B(3) field gave rise to the theory of O(3) electrodynamics, which has been the key in helping Evans complete Einstein's work on the unified field theory. O(3) electrodynamics is a theory of General Relativity and is a consequence of the fact that 3D space has an O(3) symmetry. O(3) symmetry implies invariance under rotations and reflections."

    --- K. L. Rajpal
    All the important equations of physics can be derived from his GUFT. His theory has opened doors to vast new sources of energy for mankind, new types of MRI without large magnets, and a new type of space propulsion.

    He has shown the connection between gravity, electromagnetism, strong and the weak forces of nature. He probed the depths of differential geometry and showed that parallel transport produces gauge fields and that there exists a longitudinal field associated with circularly polarized radiation, called B(3). A team headed by Prof. Kurata in Japan is developing a new industry based on the B(3) field. Atomic spectra are explained completely in terms of quantized mass density. In a sense that means mass is the same as charge. A company in the United States has developed a new industry based on Evans’ O(3) electrodynamics.

    These are only a few of the revolutionary ideas that come from his new mathematics which is referred to as the Evans' Equation which extended Einstein’s lifetime work."

    In my 80th year I am very excited and grateful to witness the birth of an entirely new age of physics based on extensions of theories created by the geniuses of the past. Myron W. Evans is without a doubt the shining star of the 21st Century.

    Very respectfully, John B. Hart
    Emeritus Professor of Physics,
    Xavier University
    Cincinnati, Ohio USA
    People using it claim its not just a theory, but an engineerable unified field theory, Which is very exiting, and noteable Indeed.

    "The present is theirs ; the future, for which I really work , is mine." Nikola Tesla
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