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    Igor and Grichka Bogdanov

    Anyone is right today is discouraged and dismissed. This is a jealousy world. The scientific community doesn't exist. These guys are old news. I have pieces to their puzzle. They are the math. Their work is indeed accurate. I found them after my facts. My way of thinking began on basics and stays basic. I can sum up the world of actions in one page. Books are written and contain no produce.

    Facts of nature patentable?
    Its a fact of nature a remote controller for a television changes channels. Its patented. Surely it would be a unprofitable spent venture if the mechanics / principles did not produce. We are nature, we see the value of its produced mechanism, on printed paper as information it is patent. Any formula for mathematical produce to save time in experiment (produced time savings) accuracy of wanted produce deemed valuable should be patentable. Its the same as with mechanisms of thought and or physical pieces composing a mechanism delivering a purpose. Theories are worthless.
    This is my last post here and anywhere related to science. Im so sick of really peoples inabiliity to allow others to excell, those that deserve the spotlight to change the world for the better. Its a boasting thing to post or a bashing one. At most its pointless.

    I posted a total of 2 posts in science this 3rd and thats it.

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