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    Hi all, this is my first set of questions to all of the seriously clever people out there; Could Nano-Technology replace virtually everything as we see it today, could it replace electric as our main source of energy, as a theoretically poor electrician, have pondered on this subject? If this is possible why aren't people as clever as the people on this site combatting the government about the possibilities of this technology for use of saving the planet, if it really is on its way to taking out the human species for sucking it dry and polluting it to such a degree, which I know is touching the renowned mysteries of the universe? Will it change what is black and what is white as so to speak, and could in turn improve the extremely poor state of our over populated, over polluted planet that is mother nature, which will win the relativety battle as she is top of the food chain, which does seem to be getting harder on the evil people that probably are the only people who have the money to research this tech. which brings me to the conclusion, 4) Is it these governments, which are researching nano-tech, the governments/companies which own the fossil fuel companies, not to mention any names ****** **** an the rest of our leaders? If someone could explain my vast issues, from the tech side of things to the weird appocylyptic connection these sought of subjects have and not to mention CERT and let me know if i'm talking babble. Possibly a reply from a philosophical scientist would be much appreciated thankyou!

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    everything is mathematical.
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