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    Suppose I'm an incredibly good at computer programming and I develop a
    virtual universe similar to ours in just a week. With stars... galaxies...planets.. zillions of them.
    And on one of these little planets.. after two days of running the program and billions of orbits around it's star, sentient beings emerge from my evolutionary scripts,
    I slow down the process to the real-time of these sentient creatures and take a peek on what's happening in the world.
    I stumble upon a internet forum where their wise men are having discussion about their origin.
    So far I have not shown myself in any way in that universe and so they are clueless about their origin.
    One of their men claim that I don't exist, since if I created this world.. then who made me?
    Besides, I could be any kind of deity they could come up with. An evil crouching fishnet would be just as valid as a loving guy high up in the sky.

    So my questions are:

    Since I am an agnostic, can I conclude, that since no one has yet proven empirically who made me, I do not exist and therefor am only the figment of the imagination of virtual characters who needs a father figure?
    In short, I create a virtual world, therefor I do not exist.

    If I show myself as a character in that world how can I prove to them that I am not an alien from another planet who has a 100 million planet orbits head start in technology? :P

    Am I bad person for not giving them all the food they need to survive and letting them have wars? I just wanted to see what my results were . But if so, is therefor everyone in the real world who plays violent video games guilty of the same thing?

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    Well, if they do have free will then they are to be considered some kind of a life form...
    It's all about ethics.
    Lets say that instead of creating that virtual universe you create an extremely human-like machine which looks and behaves just like your neighbour and ask yourself if it would be ethic to treat him as slave, stab him, kick him to and fro... you get the point...

    Even though he be made of mechanical parts he'll still be responding as human so its your call how you act as the creator of his...

    Now, apply that to the virual universe and see what I'm talking about :P

    Btw, if you want to enter to thier world as a charecter you can program them to belive whatever you say as you are the programmer

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