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    Reality shift -1. the manifestation of objects appearing, disappearing, transforming and transporting. 2. changes in the way we experience time. 3. any sudden, abrupt alteration of physical reality with no apparent physical cause. 4. the source of synchronicity.

    I have had a few experiences with reality shifts. The very first incident happened about 6 years ago. I was sitting in the back seat of my parents car with a friend on the way to a soccer game. I had been watching the scenery outside and my mind was wandering. I looked at my friend also watching the scenery, but from the opposite window. The instantly(I did not blink, we did not hit a bump, he is not blessed with superhuman abilities) he was scratching his head. He had not moved his arm, it simply appeared on top of his head. I thought this was very strange, but brushed off what had just happened and looked out the window to see the exact same sign I had seen just a few minutes before.

    I cannot be the only person this has happened to so please share anything similar or related to this story.

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    During your daydreaming escapade you failed to notice your friend's hand on his head. That's all. Nothing happened except the normal turn of events.

    Are you secretly hoping the paranormal exists? If a camera had been running a the time do you think it would have picked up the variance you speak of. Gets me to thinking, literally miles and years of video recordings have been made yet I have never seen anything like what you describe. Why do you think it happened to you?

    If you pursue a life in search of the paranormal and if you think you've found it then I'd be worried. Those who think the paranormal exists generally spend a frustrating lifetime trying to prove it to the rest of us to no avail.

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    o us humans, we think we know everything, hehehe
    we just created a barely working model of this universe, and we take it as an absolute truth.
    there are things a scientific mind cannot grasp,
    there are things mind cannot grasp at all!
    so stop trying to explain everything! you are just robbing yourself of a deeper experience of this universe, an experience that doesnt stand solely on a mental level.

    Weebluelizard, enjoy, gaze in wonder, this world around us is sooo much more...
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