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Thread: take just one thought seriously

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    Take just one thought seriously like, " the universe exists," and others will follow to expand this universe just as fast as the thoughts that create it to feed it.

    Physics SCREAMS at us that THE UNIVERSE CANNOT EXIST because it needs antiparticles to exist -- and if it found the antiparticles IT WOULD NOT EXIST EVEN BETTER.

    NOW let us feel smart and ignore this SCREAMING and assume "the universe exists" so it can expand just as fast as the thoughts that feed it to create it.

    We might feel smart to take thoughts seriously but do we have to be totally deaf to this SCREAMING?

    -- just thoughts

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    Are you somehow maintaining that our thoughts have a role in the very existence of the universe? Physics is an artificial explanatory system devised and maintained by us; it is therefore, we who are screaming.

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