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Thread: Negation of the axiom of choice and Evil

  1. #1 Negation of the axiom of choice and Evil 
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    Negation of the axiom of choice and Evil

    Beside the particular case of the axiom of choice
    CC(2 through m), countable choice for sets of n elements
    n=2 through m, there is the particular case where the whole
    axiom is negated, no choice at all.

    In "All things are numbers" in Logic Colloquium 2001, and in "About
    the strength of Evil" in ASL Winter Meeting 2004 2005, I wrote
    that the numbers of attributes of Evil are infinite sums and products
    of integers.
    If there is no choice at all, which is a standing valid case,
    as I am changing my mind to include this case beside
    CC(2 through m),the only infinite sums or products well defined
    (existing) is the infinite sum 1+1+1+.... which is equal to
    aleph zero.

    So, Evil is really restricted.

    The case where the whole axiom of choice is negated is not a
    parametric case.
    We apply it to ethics.

    Another way for clarification is the following :
    Let us consider the infinite cardinal product XiAi Ai being sets of
    attributes of Evil of size the same or different integers, without the
    ai being urelements.
    In some model of the negation of the axiom of choice, the product is
    So, the number of combined attributes of Evil is not like with the axiom
    of choice an infinite product of integers (which is the cardinality of
    the continuum), but 1+1+1+....(which is aleph zero).

    As for the numbers of attributes of Good, I wrote in "All
    things are numbers" in Logic Colloquium 2001 that they
    are Dedekind cardinals.
    A criticism that I am making to myself is that, in such a case,
    attributes must be indistinguishable as urelements are.
    Attributes would go like : Good, Good, Good, ...
    Adib Ben Jebara.

    Adib Ben Jebara
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    I am an utter thickhead when it comes to philosophy, yet I believe I see here an example of pure untainted trash. Would any of the philosophers care to comment? - trash finger twitching like the clappers....

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    I don't care. Do what you like :wink:
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    I'll vouch for the crankiness of this post. In addition, Mr. Jebara seems to have no desire to respond to criticisms of his ideas. Delete at will.
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