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    Through the passage of time, the individual and society progresses.
    Here is a demonstration:
    Primitive Society ------------------------------> Progressive Society

    Telescopic Advancement: Over time, the rate at which civivlization progresses increases. [For Example: Closer to the primitive side, it may take 1000 years to progress to acheive X amount of progress. But toward the progressive side, it may take 10 years to acheive X amount of progress.]

    Characteristics of Primitive Society:
    Survival of the fittest.
    The "less fit" serve the "more fit." (Desperate serve the affluent.)
    Large separation between the "less fit" and "more fit."
    The primitive society preserves the existence of desperate individuals to function.
    Unemployment (employment saturation) is a sign of a slow economy.

    Characteristics of Progressive Society:
    Responsibility of the fittest.
    The "more fit" serve the "less fit." (Affluent serve the desperate.)
    Less seperation between the "les fit" and the "more fit." [Through the passage of time, this seperation closes into zero.]
    The progressive city functions to ensure that no people are desperate.
    Employment saturation (unemployment) is a sign of a thriving economy.

    While the primitive society preserves the exsistence of desperate people in order to function, the progressive society functions to ensure that no people are desperate.
    Desperation: Quality of being driven by suffering.
    Affluence: Quality of influencing through abundance.

    The pursuit of the progressive city (the elimination of injustice and desperation) is practical.
    Individual prosperity is a reflection of social prosperity. Individual suffocation is a reflection of social stagnation.
    A just outcome cannot be achieved through unjust action.
    The individual possesses inalienable rights that are not provided by law, but are protected by law.
    Reality exists in the ideal. The world we perceive through our senses is temporality.
    Food and shelter do not have to earned. <-(Responsibility characterstic).
    Education is the strongest force against oppression.
    Peaceful demonstration brings more lasting change than war.

    The primitive minded see fitness/class separation as an inevitable necessity for social function. The progressive minded see fitness/class separation as an unecessary quality of a disfunctional society.

    I see a future when people will refer to our physical surroundings as temporality instead of reality. I see a future when people will refer to the unchanging ideal as reality. I could be considered idealist or meliorist. There is nothing more realistic.

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    Cool skill has a philosopy of optimism he wantsto share, but his analysis of history on which he bases it is too simplistic to be of help. For example, he seems to be saying that before civilization, primitive societies were, for example, run for the strong while civilization society has been run by the strong for the weak.

    Or is he saying that every civilization goes through that cycle of starting with dominanace for the rich and ending with rule for the helpless and weak?

    As a broad generalization, his thesis is unclear and unsupported. When will we achieve this unexperienced state in which dominant men serve the poor? What will cause this miraculous transformation? We would all like to have as much hope as Cool Skill does, but we need and want reasons for believing it. Only that way can we feel real conviction.


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