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Thread: Combinatorics problem

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    This problem has been keeping me awake at night. Maybe someone here can set me straight.

    Imagine a standard computer screen with 1024 X 768 pixels with each pixel capable of displaying 64,000 colours. There should be a somewhat large but finite number of possible combinations of "screens" or "images" that can be displayed.

    One of the possible combinations of pixels is the image displayed on your screen at the moment. In theory, within this finite number of combinations should exist an image (of a given resolution) of every page from every book that has been written and will ever be written, an image of every possible place, person or thing that has or will exist in the universe. Where am I going wrong here? How is it possible for a seemingly infinite number of images be contained within a finite number of combinations?

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    And you want us to answer it? You can barely fit one picture in it simultaneously, but any art that fits can naturaly be displayed, one at a time. What is this; provoking people into go to school, are we?

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