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    Yesterday i was looking out the window from the upper floor of our flat onto a busy street, people going about their daily life.

    Around the street there are tree's littered about and other life like birds etc and i really looked at the surroundings and thought how very bizarre things actually look if you strip away the name for example a tree looking like veins growing out the ground and thought how very weird it looks.

    I found it quite hard to grasp, do you ever look at things without the label of a name and wonder what it is? what is it's purpose? How very weird.

    The sheer miracle of life happening all around us, and i wondered how people going about their daily business do they not see these things as quite strange.

    It's dawned on me really how bizarre and amazing life is, I'd like to hear other peoples from a science perspective on how you view things in your daily life, do you find them somewhat strange?

    I think we get so caught up in our business that we forget to look around and grasp what we see, and really look at it for what they really are.

    I'd love to hear peoples thoughts on this, i know its not a real scientific question but i'd just like to hear your take on things.

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    Everything is a scientific question.

    See my avatar? You probably know it is from "The Matrix". The reason I chose that picture is because I think the movie did a great job at trying to simulate what it means to look at something for what it is (as you say). This is how I live my life. I find it somewhat ironic that my eyesight is poor. Maybe the fuzzyness that I see has given me a respect that not many others have.

    It is my opinion that people are afraid of these things. I believe it was Nevyn who said that religion is an escape for cowards. For some this seems true but, it seems that most escape without religion.

    I have posted this quote numerous times:

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistant one." --Albert Einstein

    I would suggest you bring up this topic with coworkers, freinds or fellow students. Most people avoid these subjects but, it is my experience that once you get them started they can become very interested. The trick is breaking the taboo.

    Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... only realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you'll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself. -Spoon Boy
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    Looking out the window at the passing human parade is good cause for real thought, but hardly cause for some sort of "enlightenment." It is a time to ask questions in your mind and help develop your own way of thinking.

    I have always been observant. I notice things around me. I see an oil well and wonder how deep it is. I see a poor woman in the motor home nearby with blackened teeth. How does she live that way? I saw a strange city in Asia and figured out how it got that way . . .

    In the educational system, they load you up with conflicting theories and you end up never being able to resolve it all. You go into the world with a head filled with stuff and steered to a life of making money to buy more stuff, material stuff.

    And you wonder what it is all for . . .

    Myself, I know.

    civilization-overview (dot) com

    There are no accidents, just someone taking too much risk. . . (CB)
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    Viewing life gives us a reflection of ourselves. Understanding craddles us with a fortress, that keeps us from drifting aimlessly through life. As we see people, and the world around us passing by. Reflecting on our life experiences, becomes our tool of undertanding. As many researchers of human behavior have found, we can identify, persevere and overcome, cirucumstances in life that can afflict us. Defining life as the process by which we forge forward: knowing where we came from, what we want to acheive, and where we need to go.

    Just a Thought


    Moon Over Key Biscayne

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    yeah, i too have had moments where i've looked at something deeply, and suddenly not recognizing it as a tree! (it looked weird to me)
    the same thing sometimes happend with words too.

    usually happend when i play around with it for a bit, trrreeee t and rr e and e.

    i think you realized you don't know squat about the tree.
    its always been just a tree.
    you haven't noticed the branches, the bark, the leaves, what lives in the tree, how it has lived, where it was sown... theres far more to a tree than you could first imagine.
    if you feel adventorous, you could try and find out more about that specific tree, find out who planted it, when it was planted, where the seeds was bought, if there was other trees in that seed batch :P
    you could also try and find the trees species, its heritage, whether its a native tree.
    more to everything than meets the eye, for those wishing to search.
    when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth
    A.C Doyle
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