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Thread: Do absolute answers ever exist?

  1. #1 Do absolute answers ever exist? 
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    I've been compiling a list of questions for which answers may not be clear.
    A few to begin with.

    Why is everything in the past?
    This is such a fundamental question and I can only link it to the movement of the Earth in space.
    It means we can never travel back in time.

    Can we see into the future?

    It may not be possible because of the random movement of particles and waves.
    Yet some people do have premonitions that come true.

    How did life on Earth evolve from dead matter?
    Replicating molecules, I'd assume.
    But what caused them to do so?

    How did consciousness emerge from life?
    A few people have had a stab at this including Crick and Dawkins.
    What is your call?

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