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Thread: Looking to learn about Philosophy. Help?

  1. #1 Looking to learn about Philosophy. Help? 
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    Hey! I'm hoping you could help me find something to read relating to my interests, either, supporting or refuting ideas I've been thinking about allot in the last few years.

    I wrote something up, but it's a little less than 500 words... to much?

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    Well, my thinking originated from the concept that when putting a measure on the comparative worth of any life, it seems the only useful metric is their past and potential future impact to a society or group (accounting for relativistic and statistical variances for ethical and ideological differences and biases and their effects).

    Conceptually, it's theoretically relevant to create a unit of worth or value that represents the potential for change in a society an event, idea, person, or invention will have or has had in creating either positive or negative change. Interestingly enough, George R. Price developed a mathematical expression which expresses the evolutionary origin of altruism which seems relevant.

    You would than identify morality as a product of society's well being. You could even create some sort of mathematecal represenatation for comparing morality of various actions in different societies.

    I imagine society as well as an evolving creature rather than as a group of organisms. The definition of "good" would be its growth and healthy development. At a small scale this seems like it could have bad consequences, that's short sighted. The golden rule for example could grow from that concept and that idea and the ones that support it would contradict most of the negative implications that might lead you towards evils such as those we found developing in Nazi Germany.

    Additionally, I like to imagine that your actions and the direction your life takes are the result of a number of conflicting internal and external motivations similar to how the vector of an object is found through identifying the average of all forces acting on it in physics.

    A friend disliked the first concept when I presented its seed in 2011 because of possible implications on the morality of abortion. Notwithstanding her argument, society displays a massive bias towards over calculating a child's potential. The value of a child's potential is tempered by weighting their statistical chances for achieving various future outcomes in whatever enviornment they will be subjected to, against the likely effects the birth would have on the mother and her life. Since a more developed life contains a more concrete potential, with more certain calculations and less variance, it must be weighted differently.

    The idea implies that the value of the life of one unborn child and another differs. Many might find that concept reprehensible, nevertheless humanity already seems to display this propensity subconsciously. In-groups are a good example of this.

    Another more hopeful conclusion the idea supports is that one of humanity's greatest moral responsibilities is first to increase the opportunities for individuals or groups whose current statistical average potential lies the furthest from whatever upper limits they might achieve. The poor, for example.

    Can you think of anything interesting? Am I far off the mark? Do you think it's realistic?

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