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    The rules of morality are not the conclusion of our reason.
    What then is the reason behind rules of morality?

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    Quote Originally Posted by parag29 View Post
    The rules of morality are not the conclusion of our reason.
    What then is the reason behind rules of morality?
    If you had put your first sentence in quotes I would not have needed to use google to know that it was a quote from David Hume**.

    Is there a very close relationship between the codes/rules of a particular sport (choose tennis as an example) and the rules of morality in general?

    Do the rules of morality exist at all other than in the aggregation of all the "sub rules" applying to different areas of human activity?

    ** I am not familiar with his works.(or that of any philosopher)

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    Here's one: "Be that as it may, Hume's own argument depends on his own particular narrow conception of reason, a conception of reason that contemporary 'moral realists'--here taking 'moral realism' simply to be the view that there are objective moral judgments--reject." - from here.
    A simple Google for "basis of human morality" produces numerous results.
    Some of which certainly support (and even promote) the idea that morality has biological/ genetic/ neural foundations.
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    If we view everything beyond our own 'self' as our environment, then Morality could be seen as response-ability to our environment.
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