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    Pretty sure we all have some amount of it with in us. My question is, are females more inclined to it? If it costs one only in action (not material expense), can one have too much caring? Is there any evidence that caring (short of excessive) is good or bad for you? Has caring increased, decreased, or stayed the same in the last 500 years?

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    I think empathy, sympathy, and cooperation are cornerstones of human society.

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    Keeseguy, "empathy" is a very loose term, but roughly means understanding the thoughts or feelings of another. I think you mean caring, as in wanting to help another?
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    My question is, are females more inclined to it?
    I'm not aware of males or females being inclined to possessing it more but I'd think it was equally distributed.
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    There has been a recent study that claims to show testosterone reduces empathy. I am not completely convinced the methodology is valid, but the study seems to be getting a lot of buzz in psychology circles:

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    I do not think that empathy is related to your sex i.e. Male or Female. I think it is a part of you that you are born with and part of it has to do with how you were nurtured.

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