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    Quantum immortality is a basically the Schroedinger’s cat thought experiment, from the point of view of the cat.
    The cat has 100% probability in seeing it self alive.... Since it can't see it self when dead....
    So in the reference frame of any conscious being, the being never dies.
    In other words, you are immortal.

    you can have more fun here with the concept
    Quantum suicide and immortality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    What do i mean by "most probable"

    Usually quantum immortality discuss the probabilities of suviving jumping in to volcanoes and nucleair explosions.
    I how ever i'm more interested in the most probable quantum immortality. Surviving jumping in a volcano is vanishingly small. I'll compare it with the probability of an icecube spontaneously getting bigger, and the glass of water staring to boil. You can call it spontaneous entropy reduction. This is possible according to thermodynamics, its just vanishily improbable.

    A related idea, is that the universe will eventually go back to its initial state. Its possible, but extremely improbable, but if you wait long enough, the probability becomes certainty. You need to wait an extremely long time for the universe to spontaneously go back to its initial state.

    If you really think about it. The most probable thing a quantum immortal will see in the case of the volcanoes and the nucleair explosion. Is that he simply doesn't jump in the volcano, and the nuke doesn't explode.

    A little Buddhist story, about a young man that lost his leg. Later, war broke out. All the young men of the village were drafted except him. None of them returned. Quantum immortality is about surviving, its not necessary the case that the QI will just max out all the good stuff.

    In general, the discussion on this topic, considers events, with ridiculous probabilities. Equivalent to reversing entropy. So what happens if you consider instaid the most probable events in the life of a quantum immortal? I think this is a more interesting discussion.

    I hope everybody is following up to here!

    A bit more twested. I think i have some trouble explaining this part.
    What's the most probable quantum immortal looks like?
    The being that maximizes the probability to be generated in the Universe, and also its later survival.

    So a trully immortal god like being is too improbable to be generated. Once generated, it has extreamly high probability of survival.
    A coackroach, has a high probability to be generated, but later survival is abysmall.
    So i'm arguying that something like a human been is a more reasonable probability overall.
    I hope you got it. I mean the probability, of the whole world line of the QI, not just the highest probability of survival.

    He is human? A genius or just smart? Rich or poor? Male or female? Live in a developed country or a developing country? He is born in our era or more in the future? A psychopath or a mother Teresa? Aware of QI or not? ....

    The other QI will not tend to resemble him over time?

    Tell me what you think about the idea.
    Tell me what you think the most probable QI looks like according to you.

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    Nope, I've changed my mind.
    This isn't even worth a reasoned reply...

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    i see a little hairy troll
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