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    I want to defend society and its inhabitants from all ideologies, science included.
    Would you tell me what the preposition from means here?
    Although I have seen and known the preposition of might mean against, in fact, my profs. has just told me :
    "the preposition from in this sentence never ever means against, it means just of".
    Do you know why?
    Because if you want to put the preposition of, then you must put a noun of place after the word inhabitants! for example:
    Inhabitants of India not inhabitants from India
    And, as there is not any place, so we have to put the preposition from instead of of.

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    This sentence can be read in two ways depending on the context.

    If the author considers science as an "ideology" the "from" can mean "against" and your first thought is right.

    If "from" is a shortened way of saying "who come from" then your prof is right.

    Was my explanation good?

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