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Thread: Time loop and paradox

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    What's the difference between a time loop and a paradox? Wikipedia has two different articles on them.

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    So read them both and figure it out.

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    Its the way nature is!
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    Both are fictional concepts in fiction.

    A time loop is a self-consistent thing that happens in fictional time travel stories, a paradox is a self-contradictory thing that happens in fictional time travel stories.

    Did I mention that they're fictional concepts?
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    Well, first off a paradox is anything that seems to contradict logic, not necessarily having to do with time travel. A time loop is a series of events involving time travel to make it seem as if there is no origin of information (for instance, your future self goes back in time and shows you the proof of the Riemann hypothesis, then you publish the proof, get famous, and then go back in time and present the proof to yourself). Although it is great to ask for the origin of the information or object, there is no actual paradox and everything is self-consistent. A time paradox, such as the grandfather paradox, is not consistent and needs real explanations in order to solve, if time travel needs to be possible in a consistent fictional scene or in reality.
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