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    We'll all meet at the courthouse at 10am bring some sticks 2 foot 2by2 should be good, we should be able to get them past the metal dectectors. We'll go into the court room and as soon as the judges tries to do anything other then to get a jury to make the decisions. We'll stand up and say you are under arrest for treason you are not a jury, WE DEMAND A JURY MAKE THE DECISIONS IN THE COURTS. Then we'll grab the judge and we'll bring them to federal court and demand they be put to death for treason, trying to replace a jury with a dictator and if anybody tries to stop us we'll hit them with the sticks.



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    zazzzoom, can you please explain why you feel this thread belongs under this category?


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    I find the post a very good argument against itself; we need rational and detached persons to moderate decision in highly emotional situations, such as trials.

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    Zazzzoom: As I told you the last time you posted this thread, it has no relevance to Philosophical Discussion. I don't really know what the point of the post is. I think that you just need to explain yourself a little more in your posts. Act as if everyone around you is really really stupid and you have to spell everything out and tell everyone EXACTLY what you mean and what you want to discuss. That way everyone will have more idea what you mean and we can discuss your ideas.

    If you would like me to reopen this thread, PM me and we'll talk about it.

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