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Thread: The history never ends

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    I think that Francis Fukuyama theory for the end of History is not true.The history is made by those who rule the world.For example the assault on 11.09.2001 in America is indicative how is made world History.This terrorist act will occupy attention of politicians and ordinary people for years ahead.The history ia a string of crimes which governs the politics and human behaviour for years.Such events is wars,change of economic system.In that sense those who rule the world invent and organize these events to rule the people so History never ends.It will end when people will not need to be ruled but such system did not exist.

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    georgi_zlatev, do you see differences between history as told by one civilization/language-media-sphere and as told by a different one (other nation/civilization)?

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    most people in this country(USA) would write that as 9-11-2001
    and 911 was the number dialed for emergencies all across this land
    so, if you write it as 11-09-2001, you are missing some of the psychological beauty of the terrorists' attack

    because of prior use, 911 sticks in the mind a tad better
    but, nothing last forever, and even that will be forgotten.
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