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Thread: Consciousness again.

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    According to Wiki, "at one time consciousness was viewed with scepticism by many scientists, but in recent years it has become a significant topic of research in psychology and neuroscience" and also "philosophers since the time of Descartes and Locke have struggled to comprehend the nature of consciousness and pin down its essential properties."
    I have to accept that a full understanding of consciousness does present a problem, in a number of fields of study, but I don't find it easy to grasp why this is the case. If we take a living creature, with an intelligence comparable to that of a human being, then surely one could argue that consciousness is simply the inevitable outcome, of that situation, given that consciousness can be defined as being aware of self and one's surroundings or environment.
    I just can't imagine a human, without consciousness, unless the individual concerned had significant damage to relevant parts of the brain.
    I can accept that there is debate as to which other animals possess consciousness.

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    I'd think there are many different forms of it as humans display one type and plants and animals use another. It varies within species.

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    I think its a natural outcome of perception when it gets as detailed as it is for animals that rely on accurately modeling themselves in the environment including the ability to have a representation of an object(food) or creature(predator) that is no longer perceived but memorized to be hiding behind an obstacle along with the ability to recognize yourself as being the source of a perception (reflection in water/mirror), and so on, so imo its an offshoot of perception and modelizing of the environment(including you).

    (I also think that a 2 minutes old new born, does not experience consciousness in the exact same way we experience it, and that an adult dog's experience of consciousness is closer to ours than that of a 2 minutes old new born human.)
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    Regarding animal consciousness, this is how I understand it...

    Our human brain is bombarded with sensory signals at a constant rate. These signals are scrambled into meaningful data to our conscious part of the brain as noises, smells, touch, colour and taste. But the unconscious part of the brain filters out most of this data, revealing only to the conscious part of the brain, the new stimulants.

    For instance, if there’s a bad smell lingering in a room, you’ll only be conscious of this new stimulant for a few minutes. But after awhile, you’ll no longer notice/be conscious of that smell, even though it’s still present in the room. The brain has filtered out the smell data so your no longer conscious of the smell. But if someone else walks into the room, they’ll be conscious of it, because it’s a new stimulant to their brain.

    I believe animals respond to constant stimulants in the same manner as humans? So would that not indicate that their brains worked similarly to humans, in that their subconscious brain filters out all the constant stimulants they are also bombarded with, and reveals only the data what they need to know to their conscious brain?
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    i am confused between awareness and consciousness. i think consciousness is more fundamental than awareness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by parag29081973 View Post
    i am confused between awareness and consciousness. i think consciousness is more fundamental than awareness.
    It is, because one cannot have awareness without having consciousness. Animal's consciousness may be somewhat similar to human's consciousness while their level of awareness is much less, in some cases might not be any.
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    Awareness & consciousness are just name given to some physical conditions of brain, both are related and consciousness is necessary for awareness.
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