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    our top contemporary physicts(like edward witten,hawking) belive we may find unified theory with in 20 years.Important thing is they have strong reason to claim this. if we do so, then everything is predetermined in the sense we have no free will,there is no difference between evil and good,we are not responsble for our actions.

    wheather we're going to find the unified theory also predetermined ,what i am typing is also predermined,the answer you are going to post is also prdefined by chemical reaction happening in your brain(which can be explanied by the today science itself) even i could predict your answer some what, Here what i am lacking is information about you(data),but not in the calculation to process the data, but i agree calculation will be very very difficult, which requires trillions of chemical equation to be solved because we've got billions of neurons and they are dynamic, but eventully if we have a super computer that much fast, it will be done

    my questions are, if above is true, what is the place for god,what is the meaning for life in any form(which i don't give much importance),the purpose of existence of uiverse itself

    even though we may not find unified theory, god can only Interfere in quantam level.

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    Neither the existence of the poorly named 'theory of everything', or the discovery of the 'theory of everything' has anything to do with determinism. If, and only if, the 'theory of everything' appears to eliminate free will, would it be reasonable to make the statements in your post.

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    I believe we can change in an instant what we are trying to say. I do not Olympus Mons being of course, the largest of them all this morning for breakfast.
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    Two things disagree with you; Quantum Mechanics and Probability.
    Personally, I'm fairly certain that at this rate a "Theory of Everything" wont exist for another 100 or so years, or when one is created it'll be debated and argued about by every person worldwide. So it definitely wont be an easy road.

    Interesting side note is that Einstein worked on the exact same thing to disprove the Grandchild of his most famous works: Quantum mechanics. As in his creationist view, everything should be able to be predicted perfectly. He worked on this until he died, and the majority of physicists believe it was doomed before it began due to his bias. See what Creationism did to the most brilliant mind?
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