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Thread: Name and discuss: "what if everyone...." (for instance, what if everyone didn't vote)

  1. #1 Name and discuss: "what if everyone...." (for instance, what if everyone didn't vote) 
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    I allways had a problem with the argument: "what if everyone.." someone would act a certain way, or state an opinion and get this reaction.

    Now the problem i have with it is the lack of influence our actions have on the whole. Say for instance i say i vote, go to the booth and slip in a blank sheet. This does not effect the tendency of others.

    Second, say i choose not to recycle, this choice would not impact the collective trend. It would not increase the likelyhood that others in the community stop recycling.

    Under what theory does this fall?

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    Under what theory does this fall?
    I'd say sociologists and psychologists, maybe some advertising whizz kids as well as economists, would have something to contribute to such a proposition.

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    How about Domino Effect? is it a theory?

    Stole this off the web: Repercussion of an act or event under which every associated or connected entity is affected to a more or less the same degree

    Does not voting or recycling affect all of us?
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