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Thread: is the future always better than the past

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    how does a person, one, define their path ahead?

    better or worse than the here and now, and why?

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    Well, if you've just been diagnosed with a condition that will affect you for the rest of your life that might have an impact.

    If you've just brought home your newborn child from hospital that should have a very different effect.

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    For babinkie. To my way of reasoning you must be young. I f you are young, ( under 25 for middle class upbringing and social society ), than you are making, or trying to make, an intelligent forecast for your future life. Good luck with that. Are you satisfied with the Life you have had so far? Dissatisfied? Unsure of yourself? Better start building with good Quality Material. Everybody's Future has elements of choice, elements of handicaps and circumstances, elements of disapointment, elements of good and bad fortune, but the ability to keep your good name amongst your peers will be an advantage, coupled with an understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses. Always want a Future. Be grateful if you get one. westwind.
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