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    For sure this is not the right words to describe what a person who has experienced a horrer such as in war, and then has real to life reruns of the experience. This is proof that our bodies have the built in ability to rerun memories so real to us that we could not tell, right? Given this line of thought add the idea of how much of our time and energy is spent trying to recapture a one time high of something we have experienced. This could be food, sex, vacation,etc. Do you believe, as we and our sciences evolve, we might learn to use the part of us that we fear to relive any event in our past at any time in our future? IMAGINE

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    Pleasant experiences do get replayed, thought about, dwelt upon, and so they become overwritten and "lost". Ideally, they're absorbed into your normal thought and experience.

    Extremely charged experiences can be so out of whack from normal, one can't connect and combine them with everyday thoughts.

    I think what you're proposing has already been tried in corporal punishment of schoolchildren. This fails utterly where children are punished after trying to do right - i.e. giving an incorrect answer - because a child in state of dread is cognitively locked off from anything learned in a happier state. I suppose if all lessons were attended in sustained terror the student would remember them clearly when terror is re-invoked.

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