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Thread: Color Interpretation?

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    More of a question than anything else...

    Do you think it's possible that colors are interpreted differently by different sets of eyes? For example if the green I know and recognize as green displays the shade of what I would view as blue in your eyes and vice versa, but we would never know that the two colors were different because we have always acknowledged the colors green and blue as the way we alone view them.

    Another example if the first didn't make sense:

    Both X and Y are viewing what they know to be the color red.
    Person X sees what person Y would call the color blue, but calls it red because that is the shade that person X associates with red.
    Person Y sees what person X would call the color green, but calls it red because that is the shade that person Y associates with red.
    Both are viewing two completely different shades of color yet both call it red because in their minds the name of the color before them is red.

    I'm not sure what, if any, effects would come from knowing the answer to this question. Maybe just something to think about

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    well this could be true since colors are an illusion,it is just how the light is reflected.This however is close to impossible.

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    Rhodopsin is the protein responsible for the capturing of light. It binds cofactors transforming from cis tot trans when in contact with light this triggers the responsiveness to light. Depending on the stability of the molecule different wavelength are ideally for this transition.
    (do not have time to verify my writings, but it is something like this)

    know the interesting point is that the rhodopsin amino acid composition is different amoung men and women, possibly resulting in different ideally wavelengths (because of different stabilities) for a specific colour, probably resulting in a different perception of the colour by the brain. Possibly this is one of the reason why some women say “Oh those colour to not fit" while men find them okay” (although they probably just don’t care about the colours)
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