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Thread: Is Metaphysics as a physical discipline possible?

  1. #1 Is Metaphysics as a physical discipline possible? 
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    In the past metaphysics has been attacked as being futile and overly vague.

    Actually classical metaphysics was unable to afford us any serious resp. empirical knowledge of its research object, that is, of an ultimate transcendent foundation of the universe, which is usually called the ONE.

    Until today we don’t have any objective knowledge about this foundation. We are still looking for it in vain.

    I am convinced that Metaphysics can be conducted in a purely scientific fashion. The main point is to turn around our usual perspective: Instead of trying to describe something, which cannot be described in any way. we have to look at the (visible, observable) universe and to ask: How must the Universe look like if its ultimate foundation is of transcendent nature?

    Although the physicist Albert Einstein wanted to know whether God had any choice in the creation of the world or not, he never used metaphysical properties, like transcendence, consciously to get this knowledge. If we think about such properties with respect to the structure of the physical universe the idea appears almost unavoidably that such properties (there are other ones, like OMNIPRESENSE, INVISIBILITY etc.) do restrict this structure in such a way that only one structure is likely.

    This approach turned out to be a very powerful and new way to think about the universe. I think a modern metaphysics could change the course of history tremendously as atomic physics did in the past.

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    It could... but do you think Society is ready to go there yet? If yes then how?

    I've never met a man who was more intelligent then I was. Then again, I've never met one who was as ignorant as me either.
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    This is an interesting question - and it is not decided yet, because the development of a modern metaphysics involves naturally a paradigm shift. We have to accept that something invisible is the ultimate foundation of the physical universe. It is clear, most physicists do not like that: it contradicts the inherent materialistic resp. positivistic view of the universe.

    From history we know each paradgim shift is accompainied by violent resistance. When I posted a similar thesis in the forum "philosophynow" (Metaphysics as a New Scientific Discipline) I got an Email Message from a participant of this forum who was wondering where I had got to after dropping a bomb into the forum and running away. He requested me to come back to respond to some of the reactions of that thread what I've done.

    In the discussions there (especially on pages 5, 6 & 7) you can find various statements on how metaphysics might be possible as a physical science.
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