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Thread: Dancelessons for scientists

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    Hey guys.

    I've always been fascinated by the paradoxes of science and the ways rigid frames of thinking always allow for reflection and mystery that floods over into aspects of live that are far from scientific. I see so many parralels and loopholes that strengthen my belief in science but at the same time leaves so much open for the imagination thus strengthening my romantical side even more. I'm a firm believer that, as with the big bang, planck length, timeloops or black holes we always end at a point where provable logic refuses us to see more then this univesre apparently wants to show us. It's a lifelong hobby of mine to ponder this and I started to write some stuff down and put it in a blog.

    I'd love to get some feedback from you here.
    Some factchecks if nessecairy and advice or interesting tips and links.
    Any help is greatly appreciated. If you're interested then check it out:


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