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Thread: simplified imaginary spec universe

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    Imagine a universe with lots of tiny energy/matter/whatever specs or dots moving in all directions, and you get to decide the way specs attract and repel each other.

    If you had a linear attraction scheme, specs would progressively disapear as more an more of them coexisted, until you might have a single point.

    If you have a single repulsion scheme, specs scatter never having form.

    Lets say you can have both repulsion and attraction but have to spread an equal amount of each.

    If you have a perfectly balanced and identical overlaping repulsion and attraction scheme, each force would cancel each other out so theres no interaction, as if all specs didnt exist, so thats no good.

    If you have an asymetric repulsion/attraction scheme, youd probably want the first effect (closest range) to be repultion, cause if you had the reverse (outer repulsion/inner attraction) once specs colided by crossing the outter repulsion crest because of speed they'd be glued forever, additional specs coliding would not bump each other they would just gather together until you had a similar effect to an attraction only scheme.

    If you have a phased out repulsion/attraction scheme in which the attraction is the outer force but with only one crest for each force, I guess your universe would have a physycal structure (or many similar structures) within it, which is good, but it might be a bit boring, I dont imagine you'd have much variety. I imagine a crystaline-ish universe. By stretching the outer attraction force, so that although weaker it would have a greater range, you might liven things up a bit.

    On the other hand, if you had a very large number of alternating crests repulsion/attraction each reaching further out but getting weaker either way, I think a more interesting universe would take form. I imagine a number of interacting structures of vastly various scales would result. It would be interesting to see a simulation that would represent this simplified universe of moving dots. :-D

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    You got my hopes up when you said 'simplified' in the title just to toss them into the mud and stomp all over them :'(... :P

    And as for the simulation that seems quite simple, perhaps someone has already created something of the like? You should check and see

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