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Thread: The Law Of Attraction (or w/e you'd like to call it)

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    This is kind of a spread out subject (and could probably fit in a couple of different categories), so bear with me until you get the point (hopefully the title did that for some).

    Law of Attraction (in this context, anyways) is the belief that whatever your dominating thoughts dwell on will eventually be attracted into your life by means you can't understand, but is a definite. The best example I can give is probably "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. The "secret" in this book, that he will never explain and forces you to figure out for yourself, is this "Law of Attraction".

    I figured all of this talk was a big marketing scheme to get some quick money... I simply couldn't accept that thinking positively, and with feeling, would physically attract things to you. As of late, I've come to find many scientists and philosophers seem to believe this, also (not to mention the many, many great minds of the past that support it). There are tons of recent videos and writings by quantum physicists that have a passion for supporting this, too.

    I'd much quicker believe that thinking positively, with feeling, overtime, will create a super motivation, or passion, for whatever you're focusing on and this will be your ticket to acquiring that something. I always thought this is what "they" all meant, but apparently when they say it will be ATTRACTED TO YOU, "they" really meant it.

    Let me understand how you see it / have experienced it.

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    i see it as a state of being. if you are happy and if you try not to hold expectations for what might occur, then you will think more clearly and you will be more inclined to go for what you really want. in doing this, you find yourself in situations or in a niche where what you want is all around you.

    being in positive state, you are not clouded by what you 'think' you want, and so you are better able to know exactly what you want. you become more how you are and less how you think you are. so you find what you want more easily.

    "What do you despise? By this are you truly known" - Frank Herbert
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    I see what you mean, and I guess 'attraction' is a good metaphor for it. But in the end I think it's all in the human mind, as Roy describes.

    For example if you really want to get rich, then at every choice you make your mind will unconsciously favour the option that's most likely to make you rich. A lot of decisions are made unconsciously, so if you're always thinking about something it will also dominate your unconscious thoughts when you're making decisions.

    If you're very concerned about finding a partner, the choice of what cloths to wear will unconsciously be influenced by which cloths you think will be attractive to potential partners. But if you're concerned about getting rich, you may unconsciously favour cloths which make you look succesful and reliable. The sum of all those influenced decisions will then make you more likely to reach your goal.
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