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Thread: List of Hypotheses for Existence??

  1. #1 List of Hypotheses for Existence?? 
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    I was looking to create a list of hypotheses for the existence of everything. It would be helpful to just stick to the list, instead of giving comments or telling which one you subscribe to.

    1. Unguided self-creation (something from nothing, quantum mechanics, space fabric, big bang etc etc etc.)
    2. Infinite space, time, matter
    3. Guided creation (i.e. god or a deity)

    These are really the only three I can come up with

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    Quote Originally Posted by juantonwan
    It would be helpful to just stick to the list, instead of giving comments or telling which one you subscribe to.
    Why is that, may I ask? And helpful to whom?

    By all means attempt a list, however; in case you've failed to notice, this is a discussion and debate forum - with the main emphasis on "discussion", so why is it your intention to shut down such inherent requirement? After all, it appears you have already painted yourself into a corner or two, which will necessarily demand you enter into discussion by way of explanation, as follows;

    Corner 1; You want this thread to be all about the progressive formulation of a list, which from the outset lacks cohesion, for your points 1. and 3. appear to be contradictory, so will require an explanation as to why they both belong on the list.

    Corner 2; As far as point 1 is concerned; it seems your proposal to be; that creation created itself without guidance, which is self-contradictory on more than one level, and I would suggest needs some severe explanation if it is to make any sense whatsoever.

    Corner 3; As has already been discussed on another recent thread here and seemingly proved by Munk; time is essentially a non-existent conceptual invention of man, so unless you explain your antithetical view, it should be removed - that is; if you intend your list to be anywhere close to authentic.

    Corner 4; Your point 2 notes the quantitative term 'infinite', which I would suggest applies on your list; ONLY to time - if such existed. Yet, as it fails this test, then exactly what is infinite and why? Or should this point be amended via alternative parameters?

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    4. universe is like a subatomic structure of a much larger entity
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